By the grace of God, the Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries is led by our Father-in-the-Lord, Dr. Daniel Kolawole Olukoya Furthermore, the smooth running of the church owes its success to the administrative responsibilities of four Assistant General Overseers (AGOs). They are Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (AGO, Missions & Evangelism), Pastor Gbesan Adebambo (AGO, Administration), Pastor Adetayo Adedeji (AGO, Finance) Pastor Timothy Akano (AGO, Special Duties), and Pastor Abiodun Ladejola (AGO, Research & Training).

MFM also has a large number of senior pastors and ministers who cater to the spiritual needs of the ever-growing church. Please click here to explore our Branch network worldwide.


The Teenage Church is an arm of the mother church – Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries which caters for the spiritual and academic needs of both children,teenagers and pre-teens . The Church came into existence in 1995 as envisioned by Dr. Daniel Olukoya – the General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide who saw the need to create an enabling environment for the teenagers where they could interact freely with one another and at the same time, be well tutored, fed with the Word of God and guided by Holy Spirit filled men and women of God called to serve in that department. Presently, the International  Coordinating Pastor is Adeyinka Adeleke (Mrs.)

THE Youth Church

Our secret is found in our Lord Jesus Christ, from whom this great Vision of repositioning the Youths was birthed through our daddy, the general overseer of MFM worldwide, Dr Daniel Olukoya and his lovely wife, Pastor Sade Olukoya.
This is a Vision to rescue young men and women from the destructive agenda of the devil. To God’s glory, the Vision is progressive transforming lives with astonishing testimonies recorded, bringing salvation to the lost souls, and joy over—flow to the hopeless. Thereby, high-jacking the Youths from the Clubs to Church, prostitutes to prophets…from darkness to light. As a result, we record the highest gathering of Youths, trooping in thousands on a single service meeting, all to God’s glory.
Call us “The Place of His Glory”, that’s our name.

The Vision for the Youth Church which started in the year 2007 has now become a global phenomenon. The G.O of MFM worldwide, Dr DK, OIukoya, initiated a ’70—Point Agenda for the fulfillment that Vision. The list comprises items and activities to be carried out to reach young men and women wherever they may be. To disperse this agenda, a ‘platform was needed to help bring these young people together; hence the birth of the Youth Church in the Ministries.

The Men of valour

I am delighted and happy to present to you MEN OF VALOUR of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide. Men of Valour has been set up to achieve the following objectives: Empower men spiritually because when men are spiritually empowered they can possess their possessions Establish, recreate an array of men who will remake the world Empower men that will cause a change in the household of God and in the society Empower men that will live impactful lives The above will be achieved through seminars and workshops, prayer meetings, deliverance services, marriage seminars and other life impacting seminars, mini bible school, mini deliverance school etc. I therefore welcome you to be part of our new vision, MEN OF VALOUR, for your spiritual and physical empowerment. Thank you and God bless you. Dr. D.K. Olukoya General Overseer, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide.


The MFM Women Foundation was officially inaugurated in September 2006 to cater for the affairs of women in all ramifications, in MFM Ministries Worldwide.

The authorities of MFM believe strongly that women have a unique role to play in the body of Christ because God has specially endowed them for specific assignment. It is on this premise that the Women Foundation was set up.

Prior to the setting up of the MFM Women Foundation, there had been vital activities undertaken by departments run by women such as Pastors and Ministers’  Wives Department and the Glorious Women’s Magazine. All these units are now to be under the umbrella of MFM Women Foundation.

Women Foundation can be described as the women arm of MFM Ministries Worldwide. This implies that in MFM Ministries Worldwide anything and everything pertaining to women would henceforth be supervised by the Women Foundation. MFM Women Foundation is therefore the new parent body set up to supervise, direct and regulate all activities relating to Women in MFM Worldwide. In addition, none of the Women departments stands independent of the MFM Women Foundation anymore. The MFM Women Foundation is a vital department which would be in operation in all MFM branches Worldwide.



Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,
All His wonderful passion and purity.
Oh, thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

When your burden is heavy and hard to bear
When your neighbours refuse all your load to share
When you’re feeling so blue, Don’t know just what to do
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.

When somebody has been so unkind to you,
Some word spoken that pierces you through and through.
Think how He was beguiled, spat upon and reviled,
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you

From the dawn of the morning till the close of the day,
An example in deeds and in all you say,
Lay your gifts at His feet, ever strive to keep sweet
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.

Departments in the Women Foundation

Within the Women Foundation, there are a number of departments to facilitate implementation of the Women Foundation’s objectives. The departments include:

    • Women Affairs:
      This group caters for general marital issue, raising Godly children, widows and single mothers and divorcees.
    • Ministers and Pastors Wives:
      This organizes prayer meetings, seminars, workshops on vocational skills for the Physical and spiritual well-being of the Pastor’s wives.
    • Women Education:
      This department is in charge of training in MFM Worldwide.
    • Publication and Secretariat:
      This department helps to disseminate all the information concerning women’s programmes.
    • Women’s Health:
      This department holds workshops and seminars addressing issues peculiar to the health of women.
    • Women Empowerment:
      This Department identifies the basic needs and areas of development for women, teaches women how they can be empowered through training workshop on vocational skills in order to make the women economically independent and viable.
    • Women Leaders:
      Leadership is about influencing other women positively. It is about giving direction and making a godly impact on others..


Expressing the love of the Lord Jesus Christ to the less privileged, the poor and the neglected members of the society.

Functions and Activities

  • Expresses the love of our Lord Jesus Christ to the less privileged, the poor and the neglected members of the society
  • Ministers to the physical and spiritual needs of the less privilege in the society
  • Feeds the hungry, clothes the naked and accommodates the homeless, where possible
  • Reaches the unreached with the message of salvation and restores hope to the hopeless
  • Encourages and motivates the discouraged, depressed and forsaken, and makes them to know that they can achieve their purposes in life through the help of God
  • Makes regular visits, arranges prayer sessions, counseling, welfare, and presentation of materials to inmates of prisons, orphanage and rehabilitation centers

Membership Requirements

  • Intending members must belong to MFM Ministries
  • They must be genuinely born again and have the call of God for service to humanity


The Christain Tenthmaker is a Ministry of MFM that plant, nurture and lead MFM churches within Nigeria and anywhere in the world with the mission for those souls to make Heaven.

Who We Are

We are born again Christians, We are professionals, We are business men and women, We are volunteer pastors and ministers, We preach Christ to the world, We plant MFM churches worldwide, We nurture souls for the kingdom, We disciple men to make Heaven.

Our Vision

To preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and nurture souls for Heaven as Volunteer Pastors, Evangelists, and Soldiers of Christ as we carry out our profession and business anywhere in the world, like Apostle Paul who though was a missionary and church planter joined Aquila and Priscilla his wife, they lived and worked together as Tentmakers (Acts 18:1-3)

Our Mission

We pursue our vision through the 3Gs i.e. GIVERS, GROANERS, AND GOERS using our money, prayers and calling as Pastors and Evangelists to preach the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to unsaved souls.

Territorial Intercessors Group

Our Objectives

– To raise men and women for the kingdom of GOD, an army of people prepared for the LORD
– To raise an army of GOD for the purpose of pulling down the strongholds and satanic structures that hinder the spread of the gospel of our LORD JESUS CHRIST
– To engage in violent prayer evangelism until the heaven of our continents,nations,cities, villages and communities are opened fot the outpouring of the grace and spirit of GOD for the salvation of the souls of men
– To deal with the wicked altars and territorial strongholds through violent warfare prayers until their captives are released to the liberty in CHRIST JESUS
– To raise an army of occupation that will stand on GOD’s side and occupy till HE comes back to rapture the saints on earth
– To pray and ensure that Christians obtain their divine eternal inheritance and subdue all the satanic powers of the end-time
– To train men in the understanding of the Holy Bible, live the life that is fashioned after the Bible and abound in obediebce and the grace of GOD
– To provide sound spiritual basis for the growth of the gospel through aggressive and effective evangelism by dealing with the territorial powers that hinder the growth of the Word through the deployment of men in its four major command units which are:
*Spiritual mappers company
*Wailers company
*Gideon company
*Joshua company


As the spirit of excellence was on Daniel, likewise Dr Daniel Olukoya, our General Overseer, expects nothing short of Excellence from the Music Ministry of MFM.

Our Beliefs

  • The Scriptures are the inspired Word of God; the only basis for our faith and fellowship

  • The One True God, ETERNAL EXISTENT in three Persons. God The Father, God The Son and The Holy Spirit

  • The fall and deprivation of mankind, necessitating redemption through the Blood of Jesus Christ

  • The Salvation of Mankind is through the Redeeming Work of Jesus Christ and the Regenerative Work of the Holy Spirit. Sanctification is seen as an act of separation from that which is evil

  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:4; 10:44 and 19:1-6

  • Restitution for past wrongs where possible

  • The Ordinance of the Church, the Lord’s Supper and Water Baptism

  • The Church Universal, both visible and invisible

  • The Ministry, divinely called and scripturally ordained as that approved of Almighty God

  • Divine healing as provided by the Lord Jesus Christ

  • The Rapture ushering all believers into the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and the second advent of the Lord Jesus Christ when He will physically land on the earth

  • The Millennial Reign of Christ

  • The Final Judgment

  • The New Heaven and Earth