Declaration of war against the enemy of marriage

Declaration of war against the enemy of marriage

1. Marriage is not an idea of man, marriage is an idea of God.
2. The first gift of God to man is the gift of marriage.
3. Your marriage determines the fulfillment of your destiny, marriage cannot be separated from the destiny of man or woman, whatsoever attack your marriage will attack your destiny, the agenda of Satan against man is that the destiny of man must fail and one of the weapons he uses to destabilize, is to attack the destiny of your marriage, he knows that anything that affects your destiny affects your marriage.

When Satan puts an embargo on the destiny of a man there will be an embargo on the marriage of a man.
There are four major pillars that uphold marriage:
1. Relationship
2. Fruitfulness.
3. Prosperity.
4. Good health and long life.

These four pillars, Satan has done good work to attack them, in the institution of marriage the pillar that Satan attack is the pillar of relationship, the first purpose why God created marriage is the relationship. Gen 2:15-18.
The first thing that must not be attacked is a relationship, when God gives you your own wife or husband he has given you a relationship.

1. Serpent of idol gods of your father and your mother’s house.
**serpent of ancestral fathers and ancestral mothers, unless you deal with these serpents, there is no way they can allow you to enjoy your marriage…

How do these serpents of idol gods operate??
1. You will discover before marriage relationship is always perfect but after marriage, there will be fights and arguments.
2. He can attack the finance of the husband.
When marriage is attacked, the first thing is not to go and remarry, you have to find out first what happened to that marriage because if you remarry it will lead you to destiny error.
**It will attack the health of the man or woman, when there is no good health in a marriage there is no way the husband or the wife can enjoy the marriage, when a man cannot perform his duty in the marriage he cannot be happy in that marriage.

**Fruitfulness: Anything that attacks fruitfulness in a marriage will attack the destiny of the man and the woman. Gen 2:27.

Excerpts of the message from Pastor Julius Okeneye

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  1. Sherron Lee


    I am asking for those that I know are true prayer warriors to intercede in prayer for my marriage. My husband, Tony, left home on Feb. 10th and said that he was going to file for a legal separation. I found out that he was removed from the home through witchcraft. Since that time he has not answered any of my phone calls or text messages. And, he has blocked my number or turned off his phone. We have been married for 39 years.

    He is staying with his brothers who are encouraging him not to return to our matrimonial home. Therefore, I am asking for prayer that my husband contacts me and the prayer that God WILL UPROOT him from where he is and return him to his matrimonial home and for the restoration of our marriage.

    In Jesus’ Name.
    God Bless

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