12 Spiritual Laws

12 Spiritual Laws

We will look at 12 spiritual laws and divine commandments that husband and wife must understand and obey faithfully to enjoy the plan of God for their marriage in the land of the living.

Brethren, our lord Jesus Christ made us to know that it only on earth you are permitted to fulfill your destiny on marriage.

In heaven there is nothing like husband and wife.

One of the important destinies a man, a woman must fulfill on earth is the destiny of marriage.

Our marriage is so important that it will be practically difficult for a man/woman to fulfill his/her divine purpose on earth when his or her destiny or marriage is under attack.

Therefore shall start looking at these spiritual laws as Holy Spirit directs.

The first spiritual law that we are going to consider now is “NOT GOOD TO BE ALONE”.

“And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. 16: And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat 17: But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. 18: And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.”

Genesis 2:15-18

The first thing I want us to notice here is that in marriage the first instruction is given to man.

The first commandment is given to man.

Therefore the steer that will drive marriage is given to man and no woman should struggle with man for that.

No woman should struggle with the steering of the marriage with man because the first instruction concerning marriage is not given to woman.

This is the reason why woman cannot carry out any assignment/decision without the approval of her husband no matter how good is that plan.

When she does that she has disobeyed the commandment of God.

Check history.

Whenever a woman struggles with the steering of a marriage, that marriage does not last.

Wherever the woman takes over the steering of a marriage, that marriage ends in a pit.

When Jezebel took over the steering of the marriage from Ahab, the whole family entered into trouble.

If a woman is dragging the steer of marriage from her husband, the spirit of Jezebel is in her.

Whether she knows it or not she has started opening door for the attack of her destiny, her husband and her children.


1. Marriage is not the idea of man or woman.

It is the idea of God.

The lack of marriage of this is the reason why many treat marriage anyhow.

That is many of our sisters surrender their destiny to destiny wasters when they want to marry.

When you marry a man who has no destiny to fulfill your destiny will enter into bandage.

When you marry a man/woman who is going nowhere, you are also going nowhere.

Marriage is the yoke of two destinies together and once you enter into that yoke you are going together either to heaven or hell, mountain top or the valley, into success or into failure.

When one of them says he/she does not want to fulfill destiny, the destiny of the other one is in trouble.

2. Marriage is not planned by man or woman but by God.

It is not what man planned for himself and not what woman planned for herself.

Marriage is the plan of God for man and for every woman.

That is why there are certain things you must not fight in marriage.

When you want to fight the spiritual laws of marriage you are not fighting your husband/wife but you are fighting God.

Nothing will change if things are not right in a marriage until you do the right thing.

Therefore when you are breaking the spiritual law of marriage, you are not attacking your husband or wife but fighting God and he will fight you back because marriage belongs to God and not man.

Marriage is the agenda of God in the land of the living.

There is a divine purpose for marriage and it is for God to achieve his own divine purpose on earth.

Marriage is not to please man and woman but it is for heaven’s purpose not to fail.

When you are working against the purpose of God for your marriage, you are working against God.

Nobody can work against the purpose of God and go scot free.

3. Marriage was not conceived by man but by Jehovah God.

Therefore every disobedience or rebellion against the spiritual laws of marriage is a direct attack on the purpose of God.

The first institution that God established on earth is the institution of marriage.

Therefore the first spiritual law of marriage is that it is not good that the man should be alone.

The man is a singular word. Here we are not talking about man and woman now. At this time only man was created.

One of God’s purposes of marriage is to solve the problem of being alone.

The Bible says one shall chase thousand and two shall chase ten thousand.

The addition of help meet in this case produces the result of nine thousand benefits.

That is why women are careers of uncommon grace.

When God gives you a wife, he has given you addition of nine thousand plus of grace.

One will chase one thousand but the addition of another person; your help meet will help you to chase ten thousand.

That is why when one fails in the divine purpose there will be a loss of nine thousand benefits.

Brethren you must know that being alone is different from living alone.

Living alone is when they do not allow you to marry.

To be alone is a problem for couples and not for those that are not married.

Please note the following;

1. There are many couples that are living together but they are not together.

That is what we mean by being alone,

They can wear the same cloth and sleep in the same bed but they are not together.

There is a curse. There is a problem in that marriage that needs to be solved.

2. There are many couples that are living under the same roof yet they are lonely.

That is not the purpose of God.

How do you know that the curse of being alone is in a marriage?

1. A man or a woman can live with one another and yet not husband and wife.

2. Living together with a man or with a woman does not make you husband and wife.

3. There are many men and women living together and they are not husband and wife. They are just companions.

4. Husband and wife can be living together in their house but not living in their home.

They have house but do not home. House is a shelter to give covering. Home is a place for marriage where husband and wife are living happily with their children.

Before your marriage you are living in a house. Immediately you are joined together you are expected to live in your home.

A home is where you have peace, confidence joy and where you are together as a family.

5. House is where neighbors are living together but home is where husband and wife are being together.

There are many husband and wife that are only neighbors. They don’t know where the other person is going.

Are you living in the house or a home?

Is your marriage in a house or a home?

6. To be with your spouse is different from living with your partner.

You cannot see in the Bible where God used partner for husband or wife.

  • Partner is coming together for wine at a particular time.
  • To be a partner is for a while to be together is for life.
  • So your husband is not just your partner but you yourself.
  • To be together means living inside the one another.

When you are living inside your wife and your wife is living inside you, there is not battle that can overcome you, there is no problem that you cannot solve together, there is nowhere the strange woman will enter.

There are some sisters it is their mother that is living inside them so the interest of the mother over rules the interest of the husband.

They prefer to offend their husband to offending their mother.

Note that after marriage, it is you and your husband. Any other person is an intruder.

The Bible says that what God has joined together let no man, woman, demon put asunder.

Who is inside you?

  • Wives, the children should not take the position of your husband in your life.
  • Husbands, your children should not take the position of your wife.
  • Husband/wife must come first before the children.
  • Some brothers, it is their work that takes the position of their wives.
  • If you are not careful, God will take away the job.
  • Whatsoever affects marriage will affect the purpose of God for your life.
  • Every problem in every nation started from home.
  • When the home is delivered the nation will be delivered.
  • Kidnappers, armed robbers, hired assassins are from one family and a home.
  • When the home fails the nation will fail.
  • Your job must not take the position of your husband or wife.

When you allow it to happen either ignorantly or purposefully the Lord God will rise against you. If you work against the purpose of God on earth you are calling for the anger of God.

This is why some people receive untimely death.

This message will open the door of mercy for you in the Name of Jesus.

Whatsoever that attacks your marriage will attack your destiny.

When you don’t stand against the purpose of God, your heaven will open.

But when you stand against the purpose of God, you can work in the central bank things will be difficult for you.

Some women don’t even respect their husbands because of work.

I pray you will not work against the purpose of God in the Name of Jesus.

Brethren the truth is that many couples are only living together.

They are not being together.

In the plan of God, it is a curse for man or woman to be alone.

Living together but not being together is not the purpose of God.

To be continued


1. Spirit of Jezebel, my life is not your candidate die in the Name of Jesus.

2. My marriage you will not rebel against the purpose of God in the Name of Jesus.

3. Strangers taking the position of my wife/husband in my life, what are you doing there? die by fire in the Name of Jesus.

4. Strangers taking my position in the life of my wife/husband, what are you doing there? Die in the Name of Jesus.

5. Powers that want me to be alone in my marriage you are a liar die in the Name of Jesus.

6. Any power standing against the purpose of God for your marriage, die in the Name of Jesus.

7. Serpent of marital failure inside my life die in the N ame of Jesus.

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